What Are Promotional Products

What Are Promotional Products and Should You Use Them In Your Business?

BusinessOwner-JudysPromoProductsAs a business manager or owner, you want to leave lasting impressions (good ones preferably) on your clients and potential clients…are you doing that? When people are looking for products and/or services that your company provides, have you left a good enough impression that you are the first company they think of?

Granted the quality of your services or products is, and should be at the top of the list for a good impression, along with good attitudes and customer service, But there is another component to being remembered and thought of by your prospects, and that is good promotional products.

What are promotional products?

PromoProducts-JudysPromoProductsPromotional products are useful merchandise, given away freely without purchase, bearing your company’s logo as well as your phone number, and intended for marketing, advertising and promoting your company.”

Because promo products should be part of your marketing plan, to be effective, they should be used wisely, not randomly, chosen and given away. You should have objectives for your efforts, objectives which could be:

  • Attracting new customers
  • Raising awareness of your existence in the marketplace
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Increasing sales
  • Collecting email addresses for future email newsletters or specials – this is especially effective in today’s technology world…simply trade your awesome promo product for someone’s business card with their email address on it, then you can stay in touch through regular emailings. Staying in touch, but not overdoing it, keeps you on their radar.

Promotional Products Work!

People like receiving them if they are usable, and especially because they’re free. When people receive one of these little promo gifts…

  • they usually keep them and use them
  • they are more likely to recommend your company
  • 88% of them remember who gave it to them
  • 85% will do business with whoever gave it to them

How to choose the right promo product:

First of all the product you choose can make all the difference whether it is tossed in the “circular file” or remembered and used. Pens are a popular giveaway, as are keychains and stress balls…but with so many companies giving them, they don’t stand out in a crowd and lose their effectiveness.

PromoMugs-JudysPromoProductsIf you want to make that all important impression, choose items that are representative of your company, the event you are giving them out at, fit the season, useful, unique and high quality.

Other things to consider when choosing your promo product are:

  • What are your competitors offering?
  • Can your giveaway represent either what your company does, or what it sells?
  • Consider your audience when choosing your promo product:
    • age
    • gender
    • hobbies & interests
    • geographic location

If you’re have a difficult time deciding which promo product would be best, give me a call, (206) 778-8856, together we can brainstorm to find the best items in your budget…

Remember: “If you can put ink on it or embroider it, I can get it for you!”

Contact me, I have so many wonderful items for you to choose from, together we’ll find the right one or ones that compliment your business brand.

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