Uses For Lanyards

Uncommon Uses for the Common Lanyard

…and what makes it a great promotional product

LanyardPromoProduct-JudysPromoProductsOne of the best ways you can promote your business is through the use of promotional products imprinted or embroidered with your company name. These products can be either economical or more a little more costly…either way, they are useable takeaways that your clients or potential clients will have in front of them and be reminded of you and your business.

There are various places where it’s beneficial to give away promo products such as trade shows, sporting events, events that you sponsor, to special clients, conferences, school (PTA) events and many others.

Imagine you are at a tradeshow, and one of the vendors is giving away lanyards…woohoo! Unless you need to wear a name tag, what use are they to you? Would you even accept one if it were offered to you?

Maybe we should rethink the usability of the everyday lanyard…

Lanyard4-Judy'sPromoProductsCustom lanyards, imprinted with your company name and/or logo are a great way to keep your company seen as people either wear them around their neck, or use them in some of these creative ways:

  1. Some can be used as cell phone holders…it doesn’t get any more practical than that!
  2. They can be used for students on field trips, to help them stay in correct groups, carry necessary tickets or papers, stating the school they’re from or the bus number they need to remember to return Lanyard2-Judy'sPromoProductsto.
  3. When you’re traveling, a lanyard can be a convenient way to keep your travel papers, such as your passport, hotel key, even your drivers license, readily handy when they need to be pulled out quickly. And the nice thing about using a lanyard is it couldn’t be taken from you without your knowledge. It will also keep your items safe from being misplaced, or set down somewhere and left behind….they’ll be around your neck! Lanyards would also come in very Lanyard1-Judy'sPromoProductsuseful as identifiers to keep people on tours from getting lost or separated from the group.
  4.  Lanyards are very effective for organizing around the office, in the kitchen or in the garage. Some lanyards have hooks on them, and they can be used to hang small tools, kitchen utensils or other items in convenient places where they can be easily found.
  5.  If your child is forgetful, you can put their lunch money, permission slip or note to the teacher in a lanyard packet, tuck it inside the child’s jacket or shirt so it isn’t necessarily Lanyard3-Judy'sPromoProductsvisible to the world, but accessible to them, and you can send them off feeling assured that your child has what he/she needs.
  6. If you’re organizing a carnival, concert or festival, lanyards can be used as identifiers  for access to different areas and activities such as backstage passes, VIP access, access to buffet lines or other special areas.
  7. Disneyland uses them for their attendees to pin collectable pins onto and for special passes to special events.

With these few unique ideas on how to use the common lanyard for uncommon things, you’ll probably get some ideas of your own.

Are you ready to start promoting your business effectively with lanyards?

If you can put ink on it or embroider it, I can get it for you!

Contact me, I have a wide assortment of wonderful lanyards for you to choose from, together we’ll find the right ones for your business.

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