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What’s So Great About Giving Socks For The Homeless?

SocksForHomeless-JudysPromoProductsA homeless shelter in the Seattle, Washington area, received a gift of 120 pairs of socks, and sent a thank you note saying:

“We are so grateful for your gift of 120 pairs of socks. You are helping young people in our community realize their chance for change.”

Homeless shelters around the area, as well as non-profit organizations are jumping on the bandwagon and praising the gift of new socks for those who live on the street.

So, what’s the big deal about receiving new socks for the homeless? Socks are almost less than an piece of clothing, how can they be so helpful?  First, let me ask you a couple of questions: “You can probably remember the last time you were caught in a rainstorm and you got wet clear through to your socks – can you also remember how awful your feet felt as you sloshed on your way? And when was the last time your wore a pair of socks for more than a day – say a week? I’ll bet you couldn’t wait to get into a clean pair of socks!” For such small items of clothing, they can sure make a big difference.

Why socks are such an important donation…

  1. First, healthy feet need clean, dry socks, in order to prevent:
    1. frostbite
    2. skin infections
    3. toenail diseases
    4. trenchfoot
  2. Whether the weather is cold or hot, wet or dry, it can be challenging to keep your feet dry and comfortable.
  3. Have you ever tried walking great distances either worn or holy socks, or without socks at all? Not only is it uncomfortable, but you can develop painful blisters. Consider how much a person living on the street must walk each day, you can understand why a clean new pair of socks would be a welcome gift.

How can you make a difference in someone’s life?

SocksForHomeless1 – As an individual or as a company effort, you can offer hope to someone living on the street by giving some new, clean socks. You can donate 1 pair per person, but two pair is best, because they can have a dry pair to change into when necessary.

2 – You can hand them out to individuals or to shelters or non-profit organizations to distribute.

3 – You can hold a fundraiser, and with the funds collected, buy new socks.

Most people want to help another human being and make a difference in their life, it’s an easy thing to do with an order of custom socks that you can donate.

Contact me or call me at 206-778-8856, I have so many wonderful socks for you to choose from, together we’ll find the right ones for your donation.


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