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Your Company Will Stand Out Using the Most Popular, Effective Promo Products

PopularPromoProducts-JudysPromoProductsUsing promotional giveaway products are a great way to make your company standout in a crowd and be remembered by your potential or current customers or clients…as long as you have taken the time to choose products that are unique and popular (sought after).

The New York Times has stated that companies using promotional products may increase client response rates by up to 17%….I’m sure you would like that for your business!

Over the years, promo products have evolved from pens, (they account for about 50% of promo giveaways, and are still a good item to receive), into other useful, and often sought after items.

Keep in mind, whatever you choose as giveaways, represents your company and how people will remember it.

Promo products you’ll be remembered for:

  • PromoProducts-JudysPromoProductsTote Bags – People used to be thrilled to receive nice disposable bags, but reusable totes are what they are looking for now. If you’re giving them away at trade shows, they are great for the recipient to collect other handouts in, then as they reuse them for other things, not only will your name on the bagh remind them of your company, but it will also be displayed to other people.
  • Drinkware – Promotional drinkware is a very popular item right now…people are always looking for and using reusable cups, mugs or water bottles to use rather than throw away disposables. With your name on it, your company will be remembered everytime it’s used, and it will be used!
  • PromoDeskAccessories-JudysPromoProductsDesk Accessories – There is nothing like receiving something useful for your desk, such as sticky notes, paper clip dispensers or pencil holders, all branded with the name of your company…they will be seen and you will be rememberd every day at work.
  • Lunch Bags – More and more people are packing their lunch to take to work, whether it’s to save money, they like the food better, or they are trying to eat healthier…and a bag with your company name on it will look great carrying their lunch.
  • Automotive Kits – These are very useful giveaways, and people will really PromoEmergencyKit-JudysPromoProductsappreciate receiving them, choose from such items as flashlights, window scrappers, glove box first aid kits or even small tools.
  • Promotional Apparel – Everyone loves getting a new t-shirt, ball cap, or sweatshirt, and you’ll be remembered each time they put it on. Promotional apparel is a great item to receive at an event or fundraiser, PromoBallCaps-JudysPromoProductsit’s a great way to show support for their cause.

There are so many creative things you could do with branded promotional products to help your customers or clients remember you…need some ideas?  Give me a call and we can brainstorm about what would work best for you.

(206) 778-8856

You’ve created a great brand for your business, now let’s put it to work!

Remember: If you can put ink on it or embroider it, I can get it for you!

Contact me, I have so many wonderful items for you to choose from, together we’ll find the right one or ones that compliment your business brand.

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